40MUSTAQEL - Independent design studio based in Cairo

40MUSTAQEL - Independent design studio

40MUSTAQEL 1 is an independent design studio based in Cairo. Founded by Nada Hesham, 40MUSTAQEL is driven by a purpose to add to the ongoing conversation about graphic design taking place in the Arab SWANA region. We have an ongoing pursuit to explore what makes design “Arab” through an attempt to dissect the complexity of the diverse Arab visual languages. Our vision is to catalyze a dialogue between a necessary level of critical view on design versus a more expressive and spontaneous discourse. 1 Our portfolio includes branding and visual identities: , and , 1 editorial design: , , and , 1 art direction: and digital design: and . With an emphasis on method and a collaborative process, we build enduring systems and design solutions with uncompromising creative integrity. Championing the legacy of print as a medium against the backdrop of a culturally fertile Cairo, 40MUSTAQEL produces and sells with the aim of actively sparking constructive conversations and debates on graphic design and visual culture in the Arab world. Each print is crafted with the purpose of cementing and enriching an ever-growing print design landscape in the SWANA region, with part of the proceeds going to support local creative spaces and initiatives. 1 In an effort to make space for designers and artists as active agents in the socio-political cultural sphere, operates in pursuit of expanding the envelope of creative industries in the region. A biannual and bilingual paperback print, sets out to contextualise creative output and amplify more voices in one-sided conversations in a bid to support local narratives in the region. 1 40MUSTAQEL is constantly on the lookout for collaborations that facilitate a space for self expression with individuals such as musicians, artists, craftsmen, writers, calligraphers and socially conscious initiatives.